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Artur Laperla
Fri, 2017-07-14 19:00 - Thu, 2017-09-14 20:00

Presentation of Melvin, the new comic by Artur Laperla:

Melvin is not just an ordinary guy, it's Melvin, the love machine!
The women are dazzled by his presence and they surrender to the passion as if of a supernatural force it was treated, in an unthinking, lustful and passionate way, turning a simple roll in the hay into a legendary event!
In this first story, Melvin trains for the famous skating tournament (roller for the experts). But agents Puerco and McCerdo have already a plan to win it: to prevent by all means granted by law (and also with those who do not) to prevent the favorites, Melvin and the great Ramona, assist to the great tournament. It's that simple. Soon they will realize that Melvin is a hard nut, although we will discover with delight that not in every way ...

13.5 x 18 cm, softcover
144 pages, color
10 euros

Fatbottom, lluna, 10, Barcelona
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